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Why are we so badly governed?

October 21, 2018

22 October 2018


Every sensible and sound financial, economic and forensically political global organisations in the world discusses with enormous caution the plus side of the UK leaving Europe. That’s almost every one and every organisation we have considered Okay during the past 50 years. That’s about every one we should be listening to telling the UK not to leave Europe.

But we are going to leave. Each British politician who says stay is seen by the majority, maybe a slight majority of the public as well as a fool.  O let’s just get on with it it.

This weekend I spoke to a member of the Bank of England who said the evidence of the bank is horrifying to read. He said even the arch Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg believes there will no benefit for half a century.


And yet, our Prime Minister (suffering too much judgement failure because her Diabetes?) plus the majority of Cabinet and God help us if we have to fathom the leadership of the Opposition, have all failed to argue any case with any intellectual persuasion and have simply assumed the biggest decision since 1939 for the British can be pursued with little no depth.

Why are we so badly led? Why is the political set at Westminster so dismal in its own debate and almost corrupt in its public reasoning? Why does the country have so little confidence in the way it is led?


I ask this as a Brexiteer of sorts who has been convinced by people in other European institutions, plus the World Bank, that there is no sound argument for going. But the frightening aspect is that we are badly led, by people of no political nor intellectual depth.  Please someone tell me why.




July 3, 2016


4 July 2016



On this Westminster morning it is now clear that the United Kingdom is ruled by political crooks from the Prime Minister down.  The roll call is easy to identify and headed by three men who must now disgust the British electorate.

David Cameron had no need to call a referendum.  Only a handful of Tory backbenchers demanded it. To placate them, Cameron promised a referendum. There is no evidence that the electorate wanted a referendum and no evidence that public truly understood the implications nor what was going on.

If Cameron had understood this (or cared) he could have easily got out of the electoral promise on the grounds that having announced he was going then his successor should have called the referendum.

Alternatively, Cameron either wanted out of Europe but said the opposite for political reasons – or is a fool.  Cameron is not up to much, but not a fool.

Boris Johnson is an intellectual without parallel in this affair but switched to the Brexit camp because he saw the chance of becoming PM. He was willing to wreck his Party, get rid of Cameron and split the country he professed to love to achieve his aim. Not an honourable man but that is too much to ask of any of them.

Michael Gove has long been seen as a more than efficient minister but also as an extraordinarily scheming man with no loyalties, spiteful (ever since the days as a columnist and more obviously as a member of the BBC Radio 4 Moral Maze team where he succeeded to Professor Dr David Starkey’s image as the nastiest man in Britain. Starkey carried that crown easily because of his intellect).  Grove is simply offensive, nasty and spiteful in his three images. His position changing, stabbing of his friend Boris and disloyalty to his friend Cameron (he is a godfather of one of the Cameron children) plus the ease with which he does his wife’s political bidding sets him aside as one of the despicable figures in British politics in most living memories.

And of the United Kingdom as a peoples?

The UK is split.  The Euro vote instead of creating a way forward has settled the United Kingdom into a civil war beyond any idea of political dispute.

The Brexit campaign was mostly for the nastiest reasons: not immigration as a political exercise but keeping people out – mostly East Europeans and Muslims. The divide is not entirely political.  Friends and even families are split over the result. The country is angry.

Political but not personally it will all recover. The United Kingdom will be reunited although the friendships destroyed will never repair.

The deepest rift is the most dangerous; on whatever side people voted the actions of Cameron for setting a hare that had no need to run, Gove and Johnson displaying naked ambition and ruthless and spiteful regard for each other and the electorate (they are not interested in people without a vote) has wearied and disgusted those same people of the democratic process and the men and women they vote for.

For the moment the people of Britain find the process of democracy and worse, the people who claim the highest offices a horrid way of this island world. The British have been raped of the pleasure of admiration and pride in their identity. That is why Cameron, Gove and Johnson must never again be believed nor their like – and there are many in their like.