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Last Night’s TV Debate – the winner? Boris

June 17, 2019

Boris was told not to join the meeting. That way he could not make a cock-up.  He need not have bothered. The five were dull and only Hunt looked like a PM and that, as Boris’s people will tell us, is all that matters. But there was one new aspect: A Monk in Waiting.

Rory Stewart, is way behind and showed himself as lacking the bite needed in Number Ten. He chews things over instead of biting the most obvious bit off any argument.  PM’s when good are biters.  But take heart, Stewart may not be a leader but he could be the new Sir Keith Joseph – known in the 70s as the The Monk of the Tory gov. Moral keeper of the Party. Stewart is far the best to take up Joseph’s role as keeper of the Tory conscience. 

And the others? Low bred Tory ore for the highest office. In the end, we follow the numbers and to prove his people right, Boris lost nothing last night. None of them had anything to say. 

  • Gove was embarrassingly gushing and assumed an audience of fools.
  • Hunt fouled his pitch by selling himself as a former entrepreneur and multi millionaire – the second most detested type in Britain today.
  • Raab and Javid? Who?
  • Stewart, a fine housemaster in a good school.
  • So it’s Boris (about whom the First Minister of Scotland was right). All a bit sad.