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How to shut down Israeli Air Force

June 28, 2019

Jerusalem 28 June 2019

Haaretz says today that it could be that Russian hackers have got into systems operating out of Ben Gurion. Many civil and military systems are common.  So it could be a twitchy day at the office for the head of the Israeli Defence Force. There’s a connection between Iran and USA. We are into new warfare.

For decades airborne and ground-based ECM (electronic counter measures) have been part of the phase into operations. Specialised units have been used to jam radars, especially target acquisition units in opposing forces. Simple really: bland radars and cannot see you easily.

The Iran connection showed up last week.  After the Iranians took out an American Intel drone, instead of bombing a couple of bases in Iran, the Americans cyber-hit Iranian target acquisition units. Job done. No blood. No lost votes at UN. And basic jamming is a cheap and easy job.  The kit is sold in Ukraine for $20,000 a unit.  It has an operational range of 500 kilometres. Good enough for border warfare. Does it work? Takes out GPS signals. So, yes it does. It’s the new world transition to war order of combat.