New Terrorism Threat to UK? Beware Snake-oil politicians


EU Vote & Terrorism: Beware Cameron & Co selling snake-oil politics

The theatre of David Cameron’s assault on the EU is done. A UK referendum will be held on 23 June when the British will vote to stay in the EU or leave.

Mr Cameron’s people are looking for ways of guaranteeing a Yes Vote. So watch for a change of the electoral roll to include 16+ year-olds. Teenage voters will vote to stay in Europe.

If the government does not get its way then another referendum will be held to check that the people knew what they were saying. Corrupt? It is the way of these things.

Meanwhile the texture of the debate is immediately felt. Cameron is saying that anyone who votes No will be jeopardising national security. Terrorists will be aiming a strike on the UK after 23 June if we all vote to quit the EU. The Prime Minister is suggesting that by staying in the EU we are very much part of the Intelligence information supply line that helps UK counter terrorism. Downing Street says that pulling out of the EU will mean that many of the European agencies would not include the UK in that ring.

According to Cameron logic present non-EU states do not get security information and warnings. Rubbish. As for EU protection, ask the French.

Iain Duncan-Smith MP (who wants to quit) says that if we stay terrorists will be aiming a Paris-type strike on the UK after 23 June largely because it would be easier to get into the country. The fact that most radical action is home grown or home based bins that argument. Paris would have happened whatever French membership status of EU.

We imagine Mohammad al-Baghdadi sitting in Daesh council reviewing attack projections based on a referendum result in a country that has trumpeted a major airstrike operation on Daesh but has yet to have had much more than a car-load’s success in spite of using missiles that cost £300,000 a time. It is a bigger story than that and it defies scare tactics from two leading and supposedly trusted members of government.

Both the Cameron and Duncan-Smith camps are blatantly playing on fears. Worse, it takes only a couple of seconds to work out that they are unconvincing. Therefore both Cameron and Duncan-Smith are insulting the intelligence of the electorate. The terrorist threat is real enough. The agencies in most countries are aware of information exchange. The UK in or out of the EU is the second strongest member of NATO and would continue to be even outside the EU and therefore wired into every country with an A1 Intelligence Analysis System.

The vote on 23 June is important enough and the counter-terrorist debate sensitive to the extreme without the people trusted as leaders copying the Trump line in political rhetoric.

Ironically, if there is a Cameron plan to pack the voting by including 16+ year-old teenagers then he should be reminded by his carpet bagging aides that those same young people are not tired out voters. They have sharp brains. They can smell political snake-oil salesman a mile off.

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