Christopher Lee


Big Bishop. High Pulpit. Wrong Sermon

29th April 2013

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Anglican Church, has pronounced. Whitehall is listening, not because he’s a priest but because he’s on a commission of inquiry and because he used to be in business. All good stuff?

Maybe. The Archbishop says bankers should be trained. They most certainly are trained, archbishop. They’re trained to get fat salaries and mind-boggling bonuses. And Archbishop, you should be very pleased they do so. A lot of them put loadsa money into your charities. They also wind up the public who do not get bags of gold and that takes the heat off your church leaders who for the most part are pretty useless at doing what they are called to do: spreading the Word of God and laying it on so thick that it’s standing room only in the empty churches.

Instead of banging on about banker training, how about telling them they’re morally corrupt? Perhaps that could be tricky.  How many bankers, just as one moral question, have abused minors? None we hear about. How many priests have been in the frame for this aberration of what God had in mind for them? See what I mean?

It would seem the role of an archbishop is to do the archbishop thing. Maybe get up high in your pulpit and proclaim that the government and Parliament that control your state church have failed to get kids out of poverty.  Shout from your throne that your political masters have failed to preach against giving arms to Syrian rebels and want to do so – and that means more will die. How about a sermon on the government’s failure, the government that gave you the job, to provide the people you are supposed to love and cherish with a caring and even fine health service.

empty churchThen what about a few lines about poverty, brotherly love, modesty and as the Good Book you are supposed to read says, Charity. Now Charity in modern translation means Love. Get preaching basics, Archbishop.

Try reading a few words of the new Pope – you could learn a thing or two on all that. Forget trading on your business rep. A business trained archbishop is cute but it doesn’t make you what you’re supposed to be – a priest.

And, I promise you that your old trade as an oil man rates about the same as a banker. So best downplay that one. There’s another bit of unasked for advice you should think about before you get back on your high horsey pulpit: the bankers you slag off make big bucks because they single mindedly concentrate on doing the job they are given and for the most part supported by their shareholders.

Now why don’t you try that?  You may just find it’s profitable

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