Christopher Lee


Hire the cardinals to pick all our leaders?

16th March 2013

Still thinking about white smoke. Which had me thinking the Vatican has a better idea than we do.

Maybe the traditional, or the British version of democracy needs a new look – just like the political parties and their leaders. Maybe the vote for everyone over the age of 18 is finished. And maybe, just maybe we have all been witnessing the future from the past. Maybe, we should vote the way the Vatican does.

What’s wrong with 115 guys sitting in secret and voting for the prime minister? If you think it through, there’s nothing at all wrong with it.  Nor should there be. After all 1.2 billion Catholics – about a sixth of the world – think it’s a great idea and, it’s such a great deal that whoever gets the vote can stay in the job for the rest of his life.

So how would it work?

First we have to agree on one thing: forget, Tory, LibDem & Labour (insert political names where you are).  In the new system there are no political Parties.  That makes life easier and anyway, most of us don’t join them anyway.

Secondly, who do we get for the 115 “cardinals”?  Simple really. By obvious computer selection we find the 115 people who have made a success in running whatever it is they do.  Top bankers, top lawyers, top industrialists, top medics, top musicians, top cops etc.  These guys and gals are simply the tops.

Thirdly, they each have to agree one simple rule: each one of the “cardinals” has to agree that if selected by a two thirds vote by the others, then he or she would be willing to give up the day job and become Prime Minister or President.

Fourthly, they get locked into the main political chamber – in London, Westminster Hall is drafty enough to encourage them to get on with it – and deep in isolation and contemplation, they come up with the political guy in white.

Fifthly, remembering that we have no parties, he or she then picks a bunch of people from anywhere he or she likes to run the country.

So what about Parliaments and traditional legislators and constituencies? Forget it.  Parliaments and senates are intellectually corrupt, never get anything changed that needs changing and is consistently unable to command an ounce of respect from the people.  Parliament has run its course, had its day and as soon as we do a Vatican Job the better.

Question: Would it work?  Answer: Does the present system?

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