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Chavez – A big enough man for rumopurs

8th March 2013

The word among the ex-pat Latinos is that a CIA agent killed Hugo Chavez in Havana last week.  

The rumor/truth (the line is always very fine) is that some two weeks back the medical team from Havana arrived in Caracas, checked out the near-death comandante and then had him back in Havana.  In the Cuban capital and while under heavy military protection, a Cuban working for those nice folk in Langley, Va. “hurried” Chavez through his final hours to make sure there were no mistakes.

When Chavez returned, his soul was long gone elsewhere and had done so some days before his death was announced.  

To support this fantasy, the people here who know everything but have always heard it from someone else say this explains why none of Chavez minister’s were seen visiting the Caracas hospital during the time when they said he was still alive.  

Furthermore they say here that the government references to the CIA using the illness to kill him did not refer to an attempt to give him terminal cancer, but to use his hospitalization to finish the job.

As responsible observers we must take all this ex-pat talk as suspicious.  After all, almost every one here is anti-Chavez and they do not want to build his image of the people’s saint as much of the world’s media does.  

Also, they along with the Cuban exiles, like to hint that Chavez’s dear Cuban brother a.k.a. Fidel Castro either knew what was happen or his people looked the other way.

Neither theory makes practical sense.  More likely, the extreme of the story goes like this:

Chavez died in Cuba.  The Cubans wanted the body out before someone suggested that they were responsible for his death.  The Venezuelan government wanted the body back, examined, certificated and then prepared for show because el commandante could only die in his home country with the shadow of Chavez’s saint,  Simon Boliva hovering above.  

The whole political and military team had to agree the announcement timing and then to be able to say what happened next.

All the above is reasonable. But it enhances the perception of Chavez to the world and most importantly, to Latin America.

Do not make the mistake of dismissing Chavez as just another personal bank-loading, popularist, America-bating dictator.   Yes, he was all and each of those things but look at the funeral guest list.

Some of the world’s most uncompromisingly scathing White House bashers have either turned up or sent their highest representatives.  

The front row looks like the top end of the CIA’s would-be hit list or their envoys: Ahmadinijad, al-Assad, Ghaddafi’s Ghost, The Castro Bros, Kim Jong-un and all the rest of the powerful global scalliwags.

A bunch of nobody’s? Not so. If you think that then ask yourself why it is that most people had heard of Chavez. Then ask why it is that apart from the names Obama and Merkel most of the world knows who Chavez’s political ruffians friends are but couldn’t name the leaders of France, Spain, the UK, Belgian (the HQ of the EU and NATO) post-Berlusconi Italy, Japan, Australia or any of the other 40 or so members of the US coalition of the willing in Afghanistan.

Then look at the connections they made and make. Venezuelan discounted oil propping revolutionary states – especially Cuba. Iranian technicians building North Korean nuclear warhead facilities- and so on. These people are not nobodies. They are not just a bunch of opportunists.

Chavez was honored by attendance and or speeches from across the non-US arse licking world by people who occupy every waking moment of the so-called democratically elected governments, their leaders and their Intelligence agencies (14 of them in Washington DC with whole sections dealing with Chavez alone).

The fact that he rated a was he long-dead or worse, was he murdered, rumor says how important he was more than it doers about the global society of hacks looking for a headline.

All this is why the next question is equally import: now he’s gone, does Venezuela sink back into corrupt oblivion? The start of the answer is this: not with all that oil it doesn’t.

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