Christopher Lee


So it rained in Manhattan – Tell that to the people of Bangladesh

30th October 2012

When the storm blew like big storms blow, no one quite knew how many wouldn’t make it. The wind spiraled like a banshee seeking death wishes and the tidal wave hit four meters above the sea and river bank. Come the morning maybe 100, maybe more than 100 were dead. Some 600,000 were homeless and ruined.


Sound familiar? No not Sandy whiffling through continental USA Eastern Seaboard. Just another day, another hopelessness that no one cares too much about in Bangladesh.


But hold on a moment we hear you cry, hold on. These guys in Bangladesh are used to this sort of thing and anyway, that’s the cut of the cards.  You’re born in Bangladesh, life craps on you once in a while. I mean, who in hell knows the name of the President or whatever they have in that place who gets on the news stations and appeals for help.  Our man is leader of the world and when he says stay calm, stay cool, stay American, then we know that’s leadership.


And when these news networks give Sandy the treatment we could have anticipated if the Triffids had really come to town, then that’s big production stuff.  The world famous crisis cover network, the British Broadcasting Corporation desperate to find a story that doesn’t include some dead sexual freak with a cigar and groping fingers blows in to Manhattan with prime time presenters in As-I-Stand-Here suits and interviews with the brave people of the shore district, then you know you have a real story. 


And when the camera keeps cutting away to a traffic light swinging this way and that in the gale telling us that for now folks, you can hang a right or hang a left or do what ever you damn well please because you ain’t going far for the next couple of day anyway.


And when a political pointy head goes on and on about the chances of Obama getting back to the White House because he’s a natural man in charge of the wind and the rain, you know it’s just damned right to hold the front pages and feature grim faces that can’t make the subway work for a couple of days.


Now we’re truly sorry about the 30 or so people who died in the New York weather thing.


We’re also sorry about the 100 or so who died in the Bangladesh weather thing. 


We’re sorry that La Guardia airport is closed for a couple of days and that the clean-up will take weeks and they’ll have to plant new trees in Brooklyn and maybe the insurance companies will struggle to fix premiums for next time..


We’re also sorry that when you’re poor and hungry, losing your home or crops to floods can mean the beginning of the end and that people affected by natural disasters have no insurance policy and no savings to fall back on and that they sink deeper into poverty.


We’re also sorry that the news channels had to devout hours and hours of screen time and millions of dollars to covering a not-many-dead weather story from the world’s richest country.


We’re also sorry that the make-up artists, the auto-cuties and the item producers couldn’t find time to cover a many-dead weather story in the world’s poorest country.


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