Christopher Lee


More Bombs in Iraq and Bang Goes The Peace That Never Was

1st October 2012

Car bombs killed going on for 50 people in Iraq this past weekend and wounded at the very least, 100 others. Where did you say?  Iraq? Isn’t that where we all went to save them from some dictator?  Saddam Something or Other?  Now the TV networks no longer report from there, the memory dims. Of course it does – thank goodness.

Iraq did you say? That’s the very place, the very people and the very Saddam Hussein, the tyrant, dictator, psychopath (we called him all those things) that we were instrumental in having hanged by the neck in December 2006. Job done we said although we were a bit embarrassed about the televised event.

But we did get rid of him didn’t we? Yes we did. And we got rid of the other guy? Gadaffi? That’s your man.  Yes we did.  But what’s that you say?  The Libyans are still killing each other? I’m afraid they are.

Iraq is a place of terrible killing.  It happens most days, certainly weeks. Every month so far tbhis year in Iraq there’s been a mortar bomb, car bomb or some similar attack on Shias and security peoples. On one day this weekend, eight died when a car bomb went off in Taji, the mainly Sunni town north of Baghdad, as almost at the same time others were dying in the capital itself and Shia pilgrims were wounded, some may still die,  in Madain.  Just another day.

The real targets are said, by government and regional officials,  to be security forces and not civilians, certainly this is not seen as an internecine war.  Really?  Then how come the first bomb in Taji was a Shia area and the one in Madain went off alongside a bus carrying Iranian (Shia) pilgrims.  Mind you, a car bomb did kill six and maim ten by a police patrol in Kut on Sunday, but not all the casualties were police.

When we all cut and ran from Iraq (sorry, withdrawal of course)  most wise heads nodded in agreement with the idea that the rival groups were simply waiting for the last American to switch off the lights so Shia and Sunni could get down to killing each other. The vice-president, Tariq al-Hashemi is a Sunni.  He’s on the run because he’s been found guilty of terrible treason and could even be hanged in Iraq,   So every time a Shia dies, Hashemi’s people are blamed.

Iraq is being rubbled and the people are in terror on many days of the week. We knew it would happen.  We could not get out quick enough.

In Libya, where the central authority really is attempting to get control, open murder and gun crime is greater than when the horrid colonel was in charge. But, thanks to our remote control part in his downfall ie drone attacks, we are not lumbered with brigades on the ground that we have to pull out as soon as is decent – perhaps not really even that.

We all know about the sleeping chaos and mayhem in Afghanistan gathering its strength for its big push when the coalition of troops pull out in 2014.  For those who believe the NATO PR men when they say the ANA etc will control the ambitions of the assorted Taliban, militia, and warlords, just do not forget why we are going:  

We leave not because we believe we can safely hand back the security of Afghanistan to its people.  Not at all.  We leave because we cannot fix Afghanistan – just as we could not fix Libya and Iraq.

We, mostly Western military and political decision makers, should have stayed away from other peoples war without declaring that we would advanced in some Imperial fashion into other countries in order to protect our interests while pretending to protect those of the people who eventually we leave in the lurch.  There’ll be other wars and we may even start them.  The desperately sad thing about it all, is that we are not loyal to our friends and that we never learn.  Even sadder, the mourners at the Iraqi graves this morning, know that.


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