Bring The Square People to Britain

I notice that the much respected Hazhir Teimourian gives a gentle warning  that the UK should not be an automatic haven for Egyptians who do not want to live in the infant new society of their countrymen.

Mr Teimourian has an enviable journalistic and academic reputation, but on this occasion he is wrong.  I do not want the people of The Square of Cairo to abandon that place and return to their day jobs – those who have them.  I want each and every one of them to come here to the United Kingdom. Stay with me. I’ll explain.

As the lions of Egypt roared, I kept an eye on some apparently smaller events in my own islands.  Parliament was forced to go into debating session because the European Union insists that the UK ignore its own laws and traditions and allows convicted prisoners to vote in general elections, although that may not include rapists and murderers. Public opinion suggests that the British do not want prisoners to have the right to vote and certainly do not want ‘Europe’ to tell Parliament to change the law so that they might do so.

Of course, there may yet come from ‘Europe’ an instruction to follow the Egyptian example and let all the prisoners out. Once they are not prisoners, presumably some mechanism may found for them to vote.  Given the level of intellectual and constitutional corruption in the ‘European’ directive, the ex-cons would be allowed to adopt the Third World example and vote early and vote often.

That is all rather serious.  Yet a couple of other examples popped into the News columns this week, with hardly any surprise so little or no comment. The good people of the Surrey hill-top village of Tatsfield (once the home of an English traitor who spied for the Soviet Union) have been told by the police not to put wire mesh over their shed windows to prevent burglars stealing their garden tools. It is not that the police feel that thieves might be reformed if they could have regular jobs as gardeners and that because of government cuts in social services, it’s all right for people to steal what they want.  Oh, No.  It is because the police say that if a burglar was forcing her or his way (one has to be gender fair) into the shed and scratched or pricked her or himself then the said burglar would have every right to sue the shed owner for considerable sums.  Is this possible? Of course.  Under European Court rulings, the buglar has every right to burgle in safety.  There’s more.

A train driver this past week, refused to drive his commuter train because the seat was damp. Why was it damp?  Because the window was open. So, shut the window, take a towel to the seat and drive the train.  Oh, No, again.  Under Health and Safety rules in line with European Directives, the driver was in his rights to refuse to drive the train. (He could have stood like many of the commuters had to every day).

You see where we are heading?  I want all the good people from The Square to ignore my brother, Hazhir, and to come here to the British Isles.  I want them to fill Trafalgar Square (lots of lavatories and snack bars close by) and Whitehall (one long rest room and snack bar) and then Parliament Square (where politicians can legally cream off ludicrously high ‘expenses’ that would be an adventure playground for any Egyptian government swindler) and refuse to leave until the European leaders who now govern our laws while making themselves, by most people’s standards, exceedingly rich buzz off to the Euro equivalent of Sharm El-Sheikh or wherever.

Unfortunately, it is raining heavily in London.  Crowds, not even revolutionary ones, care for rain-sodden squares. (The French Revolution would not have happened if it had rained all the time.) And anyway, when the British did march in hundreds and hundreds of thousands in protest (in 2003), the government took absolutely no notice at all. They simply took us all to a blatantly illegal war in Iraq. Maybe the British marchers should have stuck it out.

Or maybe, unlike the wonderful people in The Square, we really do not care that much. We’ve got it easy.  Which is why we accept criminals have more rights than the innocent and, it’s why a true British train driver who has never known anything but freedom, didn’t have to drive his train with a damp seat. It’s also why we don’t really care if crooks vote for what we all think are another bunch of crooks anyway.

It is not a huge intellectual exercise, but this of all weeks is a time to pause and contemplate what we would march for, and stay marching, for eighteen days.

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  1. D&B Says:

    Brilliant. Keep going!

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