Egypt needs independent judiciary

In Cairo they talk of the future more earnestly than the past.  We know about the past. There is even a sense from those in armchairs far away from the square of protest that the message has little to offer those trying to help. Yet, there is now an opportunity to give those who protest and those who do not (and remember, not all Egypt protests) the gift of a free and independent judiciary. Without such a bench of justice, nothing else has value. If there are to be verifiable elections, then there must be a judiciary.

But what about the demands for food; for an end to corruption; jobs; the dismantling of the secret security agencies? All of this will take much longer than anyone can believe, and reasonably so. What will not disappear, is the secret police.  No matter who rules Egypt in the future, there will be a secret security system to spy on the potentially dissatisfied. Students of the French Revolution will explain. There is much to learn about democracy, including the harsh lesson that it does not always work among revolutionary conditions. Indeed, most people who would succeed the Mabarak regime, have yet to demonstrate an ability to lead.  There is of course one group who may become impatient with all the indecision: the colonels.  Revolutions are adventure playgrounds for middle ranking officers. We might keep a weather eye on the barracks.  Certainly the Americans will do just that.  But then what has happened during the past couple of weeks has at least shown one certainty: the United States stumbled.  It is no longer a superpower. Maybe that is the strongest message from the square of protest.


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